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The Joseph A. Larson Law Firm PLLC understands how to fight for you in cases of age discrimination. If you have been passed over for a promotion, laid off, or treated unfairly simply because of your age – that is classified as age discrimination – and it is illegal.

While federal law requires that an employee be at least 40 years of age to have a cognizable claim for age discrimination, the Minnesota Human Rights Act only requires that the claimant have reached the age of majority, 21, to bring a claim for age discrimination.

Too often, employees with decades of experience and higher pay are laid off to make way for younger and less experienced employees. While it may be common, this practice is illegal and discriminatory. Attorney Joe Larson knows exactly what to look for in these claims and how to handle your case.

Some examples of age discrimination in the workplace are:

  • A company will not hire employees over a certain age in order to maintain their image;
  • A company hires younger less experienced workers rather than training or promoting an older employee to the position;
  • An employer gives an older employee an undeserved poor performance review to try to get the employee to quit or to fire them;
  • An employer forces an older employee into early retirement;
  • Older employees are laid off to make room for younger, cheaper, less experienced workers.

These are only a few examples of age discrimination in the workplace. If you think you’ve been subjected to age discrimination, you need an experienced employment attorney on your side. Protect your rights and contact the Joseph A. Larson Law Firm PLLC for a consultation today.

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