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Separation agreements can often be equally beneficial for employees and employers. The main benefits of offering a severance payment is to show a gesture of good will toward the employee for years of service and to help ensure that the employer receives a legal release of most claims the terminated employee could bring against the company. This process can save costly attorneys’ fees dealing with such claims in the future.

However, to operate as an effective legal release, the separation agreement must be carefully drafted. For example, as stated above, the severance payment must be something above and beyond what the employee is already owed. It cannot be past wages or vacation days that are normally paid upon termination – in most circumstances, those benefits should already be included in the employee’s final paycheck.

It is important that both the employee and the employer fully understand the conditions and parameters of a separation agreement. Whether you are an employer looking for guidance on providing an employee a separation agreement, or an employee that was recently provided a separation agreement, the Joseph A. Larson Law Firm can assist you with navigating this sometimes tricky, but important, agreement.

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