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If you suffer from a physical or mental disability – or are pregnant – but are still able to perform your job, the law requires that you be viewed and treated the same as someone without those disabilities. The law also requires your company to explore making a reasonable accommodation for your disability if you or your doctor believe an accommodation will allow you to perform the majority of the tasks your job requires. If you have been denied employment due to your disability, that is discrimination and it is illegal.

Examples of conduct classified as disability discrimination are:

  • You are passed over for projects or denied hours due to your disability;
  • Employer creates work environment with physical barriers to prevent the movement of those with disability;
  • You are in a wheelchair in a building without elevators and are denied workspace on the ground floor;
  • Your employer begins to harass or discriminate against you after taking days off to care for your disable loved one.

Did you know that if you are pregnant you are considered temporarily disabled? This is because your physical abilities may be somewhat limited while carrying a child. If you are pregnant and subsequently denied hours, demoted or terminated due to your pregnancy, that is disability discrimination.

You have the right to a job no matter what your disability. If you think you’ve been subjected to disability discrimination, you need an experienced employment attorney on your side. Protect your rights and contact the Joseph A. Larson Law Firm PLLC for a consultation today.

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