Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Karen Johnson

Having a general distrust of attorneys, I was hesitant to reach out to anyone. I’m really glad I found Joe Larson because he turned out to be so much more than I had ever expected. Joe was not only professional at every turn, he also gave me the valuable advice I needed to make really critical decisions. He spent so much time analyzing my case from every perspective. Joe was thorough, patient, and responsive to every question I had, no matter how insignificant. Joe’s a real expert in his field and I would recommend him to anyone looking for honest, diligent, and trustworthy representation.


An Excellent Lawyer – He Cares!

Joe helped me file a claim against my former employer for possible age discrimination and failure to pay promised bonuses. He was very knowledgeable, thorough and a pleasure to work with. Joe took as much time as needed to explain all options available to me and to answer all the questions I had – and I had a lot! It was obvious to me that Joe really cared about doing his best for me.

Joe was not being paid by the hour – he was to be paid a fixed percentage of whatever we might, or might not recover from my former employer, which was not going to be a lot of money. Joe not only worked hard on my case, but at times I felt he put in hours above and beyond the call of duty, explaining what was going on and answering my questions.

I very much appreciated the fact that I was able to participate in the handling of the case. Joe listened to any suggestions I had, explained the pluses and minuses of what I wanted to do in certain instances and carried out my requests when appropriate.

In summary, Joe is the best attorney I have worked with in my forty plus year career. I will use him again if the need arises. I know he would again represent me competently, thoroughly, ethically and honestly.

P.S.: Joe was successful at reaching a great settlement with my former employer!


Highly recommended

I had been asked by my employer to sign some agreements which I felt uncomfortable doing. Joe reviewed the documents and walked me through each clause, helping me to understand what I was agreeing to and giving me advice on how to approach my employer with concerns. He was very helpful and trustworthy- will definitely use Joe again if the need arises.


Competent, honest and aggressive.

I am thoroughly impressed with Mr. Larson’s ability to get the job done. He is an aggressive advocate for his clients. He is honest and compassionate. I would not hesitate to refer my closest friends to Joe Larson. I don’t know what to say, the guy is great!


Highly Recommend

Joe Larson was great! He was very communicative regarding my case! He informed me of the process and was very upfront with what was needed! I felt I could trust him. He has integrity and I would highly recommend his services.


President of Blue Line Logistics, Inc.

Joe is an excellent lawyer with expertise in many areas of law. His experience with contract law, insurance claims, transportation law, bankruptcy, and employment law have been a great resource to us. He has helped our company with numerous contract and claim negotiations and we have always reached a favorable result. Perhaps his best attribute is his ability to understand our business and see things from a business perspective not just the legal perspective. Other lawyers that we’ve used have not had that ability. I would recommend Joe to any business or individual looking for honest and competent representation.


Highly Recommend Attorney Joe Larson

I enthusiastically endorse Joe Larson as an attorney. He possesses strong advocacy and writing skills that enable him to effectively represent his clients. Joe’s experience handling a wide variety of cases up through the trial phase allows him to “see the big picture” in a case. His skills provide him with the ability to handle a variety of legal matters, from criminal cases to complex civil litigation.


Minnesota’s own Atticus Finch

If your mom was on trial you would want to hire Joe Larson. I have been trying to sort through a very complicated situation for nearly a year now. It completely consumed me. I spent countless hours on the phone trying to sort everything out, took several days off work, tried everything I could and got nowhere. It was infuriating and there was no end in sight. As soon as Joe got involved things get easier, so much easier! He made a burdensome process smooth, got results quickly, and ultimately made a yearlong headache/nightmare go away. Joe knows what he’s doing. Our first day in court I knew everything was going to be okay. He’s smart, thorough, responsive and a nice guy at that. I really lucked out with Joe. He’s a phenomenal attorney and I highly recommend him.


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