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If you notice damage or shortages in a cargo shipment, it is important that you act immediately and document the problem in detail. As all shippers and carriers know, lost time can translate into lost customers quickly. Note the problem on the Bill of Lading and document the evidence with photographs, notes, and a call to the carrier or logistics company to make everyone aware of the damage or loss. The carrier has a legal right to have the value of the claim mitigated where possible. If you don’t give the carrier the opportunity in the beginning to salvage, re-deliver, or return the goods, then some or all of your claim may be denied on the basis that you did not mitigate the value of the claim.

Improper handling of freight claims can be very expensive, time consuming and frustrating. They should be avoided, if possible. However, having a claims lawyer ready to provide legal counsel can help you to not lose time or money.

The Joseph A. Larson Law Firm can help you navigate this process to ensure you do not lose more time or money to damaged freight.

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